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Mihama American Village, a fusion of Okinawa and America



Born in Okinawa, Japan, she has worked as a local newspaper correspondent and freelance writer. Currently living in the Philippines from 2022, accompanying her husband on his work assignment. Although she is fluent in nothing but Japanese, she is a traveler who goes abroad once every two months. She has a skill to overcome language barriers by using body language. On her personal blog, she writes about the happenings of her travels and her daily life overseas, where she is repeatedly embarrassed.

Fusion of American atmosphere and Okinawan culture

Mihama American Village is located on the west side of Chatan-cho, Nakagami-gun, about a 40-minute drive north from Naha Airport on National Route 58.

In fact, this land was originally an airfield for a US military base.

Urban redevelopment began in 1981 with the return of the former U.S. military Humvee Airfield, and a commercial complex with movie theaters, shops, restaurants, live music venues, and resort hotels was built, transforming the city into its current appearance. 

Since ancient times, this area has been home to a US military base, so it has been a special place where Okinawan culture and American culture coexist. Mihama American Village is based on the concept of a unique fusion of American and Okinawan culture. By unifying the exterior with an American style, it created an exotic atmosphere and continues to develop as something that can only be made here in Okinawa.

Mihama American Village is now a popular tourist spot in Okinawa. The area has recently been expanded to include even more attractive shops. The landmark Ferris wheel is no longer there, but a resort hotel is planned to be built on the site. With large illustrations painted on the exterior walls and more photo spots that are sure to look great on social media, enjoy this mysterious and fashionable corner of the town that you can enjoy no

The intricate alleys are like a maze

When you think of American Village, you think of these intricate narrow alleys.
As you enter, you’ll see a variety of shops lined up, and as you walk in and out, you’ll eventually lose track of where you are, and it will feel like you’re in a maze.
I would like you to experience the exotic atmosphere even though you are in Japan.

By the way, I also got lost and ended up in the ocean.
It’s wonderful to be able to see the ocean at the end of the alley.

If you want to look good on Social media, this is the place

This colorful city is full of photogenic spots. Recently, the exterior murals have become even more powerful. Mihama American Village is characterized by its stylish exterior walls and unique ornaments.
No wonder it is often used for model photo shoots and CD jacket shoots. You are sure to be able to take one of your favorite photos.

On the day I went there, I saw people taking wedding photos. It was so gorgeous.

When viewed from the front, there were many people taking pictures of the mural with this design.

The design of the bus stop is stylish and cute.

There is a tuk-tuk, a simple transportation vehicle, that can be used by people staying at hotels in the Mihama American Village.

The bus runs from the Mihama American Village to the adjacent Aeon Mall area in approximately 30-minute increments. Please check with each hotel for pick-up and drop-off locations and operating hours.

There are Pokemon design tuk-tuks (for a limited time only) and colorful tuk-tuks.

The bus stop is also very fashionable and cute, so it is also recommended as a photo spot.

There are many spots where you can’t help but want to take photos.

The highlight is the decorations for seasonal events.

I visited this place around mid-October.

At that time of year, there were Halloween and Christmas decorations, and it was very colorful.
The children were delighted to take pictures with Santa Claus.

I went for the interview during the day, but at night it was more like a Halloween atmosphere and I think it might have been a little scary.

On the west coast side、 there are cafes overlooking the sea.

If you head to the west side of the building, you’ll find stylish cafes and bars lining the waterfront.
Since it’s on the west side, the best time to visit is at sunset, when the sun sets beautifully.

The sun is strong during the day, but the sea breeze is refreshing and soothing.
On sunny days, you can spend a luxurious time standing in the cafe while looking out at the blue sky and blue sea.

There are so many stylish cafes that it can be difficult to decide where to go.

There was a Pokemon signboard, and tourists with cell phones were gathered there. Is it a game event?

There were many people walking along the beach and running.

Lighted up at night, creating a magical atmosphere

At night, the buildings are lit up, making the town look even more colorful and gorgeous.
The atmosphere will be completely different from the daytime. The best time to visit is to watch the sunset along the coast in the evening, and then see the illuminated landscape at night.

Mihama American Village has a unique townscape that is a fusion of America and Okinawa.
It is an essential spot for sightseeing in Okinawa.

Please come and experience the mysterious atmosphere of being transported to a foreign country.


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Mihama American Village
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